selah floristería



Dedicated to the creation of floral arrangements with innovative and avant-garde designs, redefining the way of seeing the flowers, offering services to luxury boutiques, restaurants, hotels, events & weddings.

Their team is committed to providing a product and service of excellence and quality. They are hardworking, creative and committed professionals that travel the extra mile to ensure an excellent work. They are distinguished by our style, innovation and service.

Based in Panama City, Panama.


Selah Floristería has been one of our most beloved clients, for the past three years. It all started with a full rebranding of their image, and they have now become a frequent client for a variety of platforms, materials and projects.   

  • Rebranding of their image

  • Newsletter design

  • Social Media post design

  • Tags design

  • Print collateral

  • Catalogue design

These are just some of the things we have worked on along the years. 




Selah Floristería makes luxurious and elegant flower arrangements with the most beautiful flowers brought from places all around the world. 

I have created a new identity for Selah that positions the brand in the market as an exclusive flower boutique. By taking away all of the noise that is usually seen in flower shops' branding and integrating minimalism with elements of the same nature, like a neutral and light colored palette, we enforced the luxury trait within the brand. 

Working closely with the owner and florist at the boutique gave me the best tools to build a brand that actually communicated what the owner wanted. Selah is based in Panama, and during the rebranding of the boutique, other flower shops in the area had a typical flower logo, or the other typical a flower-on-top-of-the-name logo. The flower market was growing fast and it was a challenge to create something that would stand out in a crowd of florists and flower shops.

Selah needed a design that would not opaque the flower arrangement, but instead enhance it. This explains the color palette that was chosen: a versatile variety of colors that can be swapped at any time to collaborate with the color harmony of any and every bouquet. The distinctive color palette does not only work with the bouquet’s harmony in mind, but it also helps customers recognize the brand from far away. 

The pattern of abstract shapes are interpretations of the different forms, shapes and textures that you may find in a flower arrangement if you looked at it from a blurred lens, giving the sensation of a flower arrangement in itself.

The identity of a modern yet classically elegant brand reflects the personality of both the boutique, as well as the owner’s.