Valentina Lairet

The creative mind behind Triangular Studio

Welcome to my little corner in the internet. As you may see, I am the brains & creative mind behind Triangular Studio, a creative design company ran by a single woman - me.   

Triangular Studio was born in 2014 and has been picking up ever since. It has taken me a couple of years to grow the business into what I dreamt it would be.  It all started as an idea of becoming an entrepreneur one day and the creator of my own creative agency.  

I am a creative mind based in Panama and Miami, a traveller of many countries and a lover of chocolate.  A different mind, with creative thoughts and ideas that just pop anytime 24/7. I get inspired by everything around me: colors, patterns and Nutella (obviously). I am originally from Venezuela, but have lived about half of my life outside of the country, since I moved away years ago.  

Being a creative I have learned that it is not about just “having” these ideas, it is about transforming these ideas into projects and tangible elements, to reality. All while creating a final product 100% personalized and unique for my clients.